by Richard Pehle LCSW-C, November 2,2020

Healthy Ways to Make It Through This Time

  1. Create a prioritized list of things you would like to accomplish today. (Be gentle with yourself if you can’t get everything done.)
  2. Change into daytime clothing at a regular time each day.
  3. Keep a normal sleeping pattern in which you go to bed and get up at the same times each day.
  4. Reach out daily to friends, family, and social contacts to reduce your isolation.
  5. If you feel cramped in your home or apartment, set up an area and times when you and other family members can have some privacy.
  6. Do something to bring humor into your life. Watch a TV comedy or movie, read cartoons or humorous books.
  7. Exercise regularly by walking, biking, stretching, weight lifting, or using an exercise video.
  8. Use meditation and breathing to reduce stress. There are several good apps like Calm and Headspace that can help.
  9. When the weather is nice get outdoors. Take in a sunrise or sunset.
  10. Limit watching news updates about the virus.
  11. Use this special time to connect with family.
  12. Avoid over-indulging in alcohol, drugs or food, as they may negatively affect your overall health.
  13. Practice a hobby, learn something new, or play a game.  There are many free sites online for games, museum tours, or new learning experiences.
  14. Play your favorite music.
  15. Focus each day on present day activities vs. concerns about the future.
  16. Improve your mood by helping someone else to feel connected or supported.
  17. Reduce negative thinking or worry by consciously choosing to put your attention on something else.
  18. If you are spiritually based, spend some time connecting with your church, higher power or spiritual place.
  19. Accept that it is normal in this time to experience some anxiety or feeling down.
  20. Allow yourself to contact a counselor if you feel your worry, anxiety, or depression is becoming upsetting or difficult to manage.