Stress is a normal part everyone’s life. We all have to face it. Sometimes, stress can be overwhelming and cause angst and disharmony in our daily lives. Here are several ways to identify and reduce your stress level. Remember you are not alone and if you feel overwhelmed, we can help.

Stress Management Tips

  1. Take time daily to check-in on your stress level.
  2. Actively Practice De-stressing methods: Meditation, Guided Imagery, Progressive Relaxation.
  3. When stressed, take several slow deep breaths throughout the day.
  4. Avoid isolation. Develop and use your support system (friends, teachers, family).
  5. Establish a routine of daily exercise and body movement.
  6. Drink up to 64oz of water a day.
  7. Stay in the present moment – What’s happening around me now?
  8. Reduce your negative thinking and watch out for Cognitive Distortions.
  9. Take a regular time out from work and stress.
  10. Make a special place in your home for quieting down, relaxing, and meditating.
  11. Try to keep a balance in your life between time for: work, play, family, hobbies, friends, self nurturing and spirituality.
  12. Practice H.A.L.T. Remember to never let yourself get too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired.
  13. Practice turning over stress to your concept of a higher power.
  14. Make a list of things you are grateful for to help keep life in perspective.
  15. Humor is a great stress reducer. Watch things that make you laugh and relax.
  16. Let go of resentments: they can hurt and stress you.
  17. Make use of these ideas:
    • Take things one day at a time;
    • See mistakes as opportunities for learning;
    • Try to keep things simple;
    • The best may be the enemy of the better
    • Remember: stress is a normal part of being alive!
  18. When stress is on-going and difficult, allow yourself to seek support from a professional counselor.

Our counselors work evening and weekends and do not require insurance.