Relationship Counseling

A marriage or committed relationship does not have to be in crisis to benefit from relationship counseling. All good intimate relationships involve work, compromise, and learning over a lifetime of growing together. Counseling helps couples by improving their communication, increasing awareness of each other’s needs and differences, and encouraging more time devoted to enhancing their relationship.


Couples working on communication, often report feeling unheard or undervalued in their relationship. One means of addressing this concern in counseling is for couples to practice giving daily appreciations to each other. Expressing appreciation for something that the other has done, qualities the other possesses, something that the other has said or how the other looks, can help restore feeling seen, wanted, and heard.


During counseling in order to heighten a couples awareness of one another, each person may be asked to talk about highlights and challenges of growing up in their families. In addition, they may share what each of them hopes for in an ideal partner and relationship. This knowledge creates a greater understanding of the reason for the conflicts that they have and an improved acceptance of each other. Creating a joint picture of how they would like their relationship to be can set the foundation for growth.


With all the multiple demands on couples, spending quality time together or time working on their relationship often takes a back seat to other needs. By attending counseling, making daily time for each other, and having a date night, the couple focuses on enriching the closeness of their relationship.

Our counselors are here to help you enrich your relationship. Contact us to see how we can help you. We believe you will find our fees reasonable. However, you will not be turned away from Cornerstone because of limited funds.

Richard Pehle LCSW-C