Simple ways to reset your mood.

Everyone needs a mood booster, once in a while. Regardless of how we would like to be, life is full of situations that can frustrate us, disappoint us, or cause resentment. The real challenge is to find ways of behaving that can positively affect our mood and stress level. So here are some simple ways you can take charge of how you feel.


Use breathing to calm your body. Allow yourself to take a series of deep and slow breaths inhaling through your nose to the count of four, pausing for a second to hold your breath, and exhaling through your mouth to the count of seven. Dr Weil, a noted wellness physician, has stated that doing this exercise three or four times a day can lower your anxiety level, blood pressure, and positively effect your mood.


From a spiritual perspective, seeking guidance or relief from a problem by turning it over to a higher power can be helpful.


When you are feeling down writing a gratitude list can cause you to put problems in perspective.


Try thinking of several challenging things you have successfully worked through in your life. Think about the actions you took and resources you used that you might apply to your current distress.


Think of purposely distracting yourself from rehashing the problems and all of the what ifs it brings up.

Remember that people in stress often forget to do self care and self soothing activities like listening to the music they love, taking a walk in nature, getting a message, or having lunch with a close friend. Taking care of yourself and participating in something you find joyful goes a long way to reset your mood. Sometimes, just knowing that you can influence your mood with simple specific actions will help you feel better and be less stressed.

Be Well,

Richard Pehle, LCSW-C